Monday, October 10, 2016

And crossroads once again

Well a bit has happened this weekend. Friday I met up with this guy from grindr. He was the one that wanted to come over to cuddle then didn't. He surprised me by showing up on Friday and he was at my place until 2am. It seemed like there was a connection and that the reason he didn't show up before was cold feet. So I asked him out on a date on Sunday. I even cleaned my place. We were suppose to have dinner then a movie. And then it started. We were talking about meeting around 4 and he was moving slow so he just was getting into the shower. Then his mom made him dinner and he couldn't just say no. Said he'd be over as soon as he was done. Then it turned to 6....6:30 and still nothing. He then knocked and comes in. We watch a movie and we go at it, but I just kinda got a weird feeling. Well we talked afterwards. His ex texted him asking to come pick up the dog. They share custody of the dog. The ex is suppose to have her until monday night. So once again plans changed.
All this has me thinking that the guy isn't ready for a guy. He has a new job he's starting, lives with his money, not a lot of extra money, shares custody of a dog with his ex who he clearly can't stand. Just not sure how ready for all that I am. Not so sure I'm ready for anyone. Going to be a lot of thinking. Luckily my friend will be coming this week and maybe he can help me straighten out.


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